Earth-Wise/Spirit of the Earth

Earth-Wise/Spirit of the Earth specializes in compost tea and compost consulting, project management and compost tea brewer design and implementation. Earth-Wise has worked with composting biosolids for the wastewater treatment industry and developing water
savings programs using compost tea for public parks.

Compost Tea and

EW/SOE brewers are the result of over
two years of testing and design changes.  Our brewers and brewer designs consistently produce high quality compost tea. 

EW/SOE brewers are easy to operate, easy to clean and easy to maintain. 

EW/SOE designs custom brewers of any size and has pre-designed brewers from 2 gallons to 225 gallons.  Kits or designs can be purchased from EW/SOE. Many designs are free.

P.O Box 6741
Los Osos, CA 93402
(805) 534-9605


The secret to good compost tea is through good compost.  EA/SOE has proven strategies that will enable anyone to make high-quality compost.  We sell starter compost to get you going and recipes to keep your compost pile healthy and active.

EW/SOE has brewers and brewer designs from 2 gallons up to 225

BiOActive (BOA©) Productivity

BOA© is a methodology that produces a line of bioactive products that come ready to use.  The BiOActive product comes loaded with sleeping bacteria and fungi.  Put it around your plant, add the included nutrients to your water and water your plant as normal.  You will wake up the biology and get it working in your soil. 

These products work for both indoor and outdoor plants and soil.  They are a great way to stop using chemical fertilizers so harmful to our environment.