Earth-Wise/Spirit of the Earth experiments constantly with brewer/aerator design, compost, nutrients and fungi.  Because most of EA/SOEs work includes custom brewer design, we are always trying new ways to aerate water.

Six mini-brewers are constantly brewing.  The air distribution system is made from drip irrigation hose.  The containers are 5 quart volume and are graduated so the exact amount of water can be determined.  This way  water/nutrient ratio can be kept exact for each mini-brewer.  When results are determined here, they are tested in larger brewers.


Here are three brewers ganged to run as one.  The capacity is ninety gallons.  The ball valve connectors are used to regulate air flow into each brewer.  Notice the pump on the right.  This pump can actually supply enough air so that four thirty-gallon brewers can be run at the same time.  After testing in the minibrewers, the nutrient formula is tested in these production brewers.

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Tea Tests -- EW/SOE does a lot of experimentation because compost tea is a science and methodology in its infancy.  While a lot is known, there is a lot that is still being learned.  For example, compost tea has shown disease control properties for several infestations.  Powdery mildew has been successfully controlled as have other blights.  Compost tea is not a cure-all so testing is done to determine where compost tea is useful and where it is not. 

Brewer Tests -- EW/SOE has tested a lot of different brewers and brewer designs.  Systems that use bags and chambers to hold compost have been tested against brewers that put the compost directly into the water.  The first brewer EW/SOE tested was made by Soil Soup.  It was quickly determined that while the mechanical design worked, the bag system and mechanical approach to aeration was a solution that needed work.  Other bag and container brewers were tested and some built to determine results.  After over a year, the conclusion was made that free suspension compost in the water and custom aeration was the best way to get high bacterial and fungal numbers and possibly the only successful way to get protozoa in the tea.

EW/SOE has brewers and brewer designs from 2 gallons up to 225