Brewer Products

EW/SOE includes brewers as part of our consulting services.  Occasionally a brewer will be sold but usually, consulting services bought include a brewer (kit, pre-built or custom design/construction), recipes, implementation plan, testing resources and project support.  Some existing brewer designs are shown below.  There are many more, contact EW/SOE for information.

"Basic" brewers are designed around 32-50 Gallon plastic trash cans.  These are easy to use, inexpensive and replaceable, easy to clean and light.  The aeration system is independent of the container so all you need to do is pull out the aeration system , dump out the container and wash it out. with a brush and water.  You clean the aeration system the same way.  The one pictured shows two air inlets but units can me made with a single air source.  The pump is custom design and can power up to 4 of these brewers.  Cost of aeration system and pump  is $375.

Three brewers "ganged" together.  Depending on pump size and/or air source, any number of these can be ganged together.  This is convenient because it allows you to slightly alter your nutrients in each "brewer" then mix the different results before application.  For example, in one brewer you may want to brew for bacteria while in another brew for fungi and in the third brew for protozoa.  You can then mix each before application or apply each separately.  You can also determine brew times for each one to get different levels and amounts of biology in your tea.

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This is the solar-powered mini-brewer.  Capacity is two gallons.  The aeration in this machine is impeller/mechanical powered by a DC motor originally made for NASA.  One has been constantly running for over a year with no problems.  The unit can be run with a 12 VDC voltage converter or a solar panel.  The motor has a voltage range of 6 to 18 VDC so a number of different transformers and solar panels will work.  Compost is free suspension.  Cost of unit is $59 with voltage transformer but without solar panel.

Aerators -- EW/SOE designs aerators for specific applications and containers.  The aerators are designed to give maximum water movement and put out the right sized bubbles so that the dissolved oxygen content of the water is as close to saturation as possible.  Some aerators are simple and some are complex but each has been tested modified and re-tested for best results.

EW/SOE has brewers and brewer designs from 2 gallons up to 225

Extraction -- Brewing tea is only part of the EW/SOE solution.  How do you get the tea from the brewer to the field and onto the plants?  EW/SOE has a number of proven strategies for tea transportation and application that use off-the-shelf products you can get at your local garden, hardware or farm supply shop.